Held Medalist Tvådelat Skinnställ Herr Svart

Klassiskt 2-delat skinnställ från tyska Held, tillverkad i exklusivt mjukt och smidigt nötskinn.

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Held Medalist Two Piece Motorcycle Leather Suit


  • 2-piece race-spec suit
  • breathable 37,5® inner lining
  • map / document pocket
  • front air-vent zipper (Held ACS)
  • perforated leather panels
  • stretch leather panels at knees, back & shoulders
  • cuff in stretch material
  • Held Clip-in Technology
  • H.P.A System (Held protector adjustment) at knee
  • soft cowhide



  • EN 1621-1:2012 approved SAS-TEC® protection in shoulders, ellbow and knee
  • optional EN 1621-2:2014 back protector
  • Velcro for optional 2 pcs chest protector art. 9784
  • rib protector pocket for optional art. 9316
  • EN 1621-1:2012 approved SAS-TEC® 3D protection on hips
  • pocket for optional Held cloverleaf SAS-TEC® CE-proved coccyx protector, art. 9315
  • double leather reinforcement on seat
  • metal connecting zipper, see overview*
  • safety tested according to FprEN 17092, protective garments for motorcyclists


  • black 01
  • black-white-red-blue 05
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