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D3O Ghost Armbågs- och Knäskydd

D3O Ghost Armbågsskydd och knäskydd. Level-1 för MC-byxa och MC-jacka som har fickor för inläggsskydd. Säljes parvis.

Från 239 kr Ordinarie pris 299 kr
Tillgänglighet: I Lager


If you want to upgrade or add to your existing protective armoring and demand the very best, this D30® Ghost elbow and knee protector set should be at the top of your shopping list.
Crafted to fit virtually all types of bike jackets and trousers, the Ghost elbow and knee armor set is designed to keep you safe on and off the road, however you like to ride.


  • CE-certified elbow and knee protection for bikers.
  • Developed from patented D30® technology.
  • Provides the quality and toughness you expect from D30®.
  • Low profile design to keep you aerodynamic.
  • Incorporates airwave technology for improved airflow.
  • Fit and forget; crafted to conform to your shape and move with your body.
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